Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well the title of my website will be Forgotten Mothers. I chose this topic due to I have lost three children before/after birth, and understand the heartache, pain and grief that comes along with this tragedy. I have been there 3 times! and I fully understand how it is so important to have a support system, preferrably one who has been where you are.
My content will be how and where to find the support and information needed to get through this tough time.
Well the images did not come easy. The websites that were provided for us on blackboard were no help at all. I knew exactly what pics I wanted and were needed and found it almost impossible to get any unless I stole them from someone elses site...LOL Therefore my pics are very limited.
I will definately be using Frontpage for this.
Yes indeed I think it would be almost impossible to make a website without storyboarding.

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