Monday, June 29, 2009

Week #4
Well the reflectings on this weeks readings and what was learned in class was very intersting and fun! Seems like it may be more fun and easier than the HTML and photoshop. Im very excited to get started on the webpage. A little nervous as well. I plan on making a website on something very personal, but helpful for others as well. I do however plan on staying away from "frames" I think I will just stick to tables :)

In reading about the differences in Accessibility and Usability I have learned accessibility describes how easy something is for "everyone" to use including individuals with impairment or disability; basically meaning can someone with a disability and someone without a disability use it on the same level? if not than it is not accessible.
Usability is how "easy" the product is to use. Meaning is it easy to surf around the website? Do alot of errors occur, or is it easy to flow through? it reminds me of a saying we uses to say at work in reference to the programs we used.... IS IT USER FRIENDLY.
I think it is important because it makes ir easier for everyone. where would we be without accessibility and usability? A whole lot of stressed out annoyed people.

In reference to the pros and cons of creating your own website rather than hiring someone. I believe depends on what is the website being used for, personal or business. The good of creating your own would be saving money, and making sure the design is exactly how you want it. The cons could be it takes alot of time, not knowing all the dos and donts and rules may result in the website not coming out too well.
my answer to anyone with a computer can create a website and is it always a good thing?
Heck no! It makes it easy for people with bad intensions (scam artists, pedaphiles) con or draw people in.

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