Saturday, June 6, 2009

My opinions refecting on this weeks lessons learned are...
I was very excited to learn about the basic design principles C.R.A.P. Learning about contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity are not only helpful when it comes to viewing ads but I have learned it is also true. If an ad has all of the basic design principles they are definately going to pull in more customers/viewers.

All things learned in the non-designers web book chapters like hypertext, browsers ISP etc was extremely interesting and helpful to me. Even though I use these things daily and know how to surf and work my way around the web it is great to know HOW things work. This was information that will help me become more experienced when surfing the web.

When it comes to graphic design print vs web I learned things that people probably never think about when it comes to the difference between print and web design. In the things learned, in my opinion it appears to advertise in print would be much easier than on the web. Just along the challenge of getting the design to look the same on all monitors is impossible.
Graphic design plays a major role in our daily lives due to an advertisement is needed for all companies to sell their product.

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