Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week #3

Hello All. Ok who else is sooooo overwhelmed this week?? :)
Well it seems the readings become more and more useful and interesting each week.
What I learned this week was so interesting to me. I made many many notes.
Im not going to go into extreme detail or this will be a book, however the important factors of the navigation styles, repetition, having external and internal links. How not to over do it and how it could damage the readability of your own content. The working space of 800 x 600, and very very important NEVER EVER make the users scroll sideways! Ewwww I hate that myself!

The websites I evaluated were The criteria I used was clarity, accessibility and purpose. The navigation bar was at the top of every page which was good design.
I felt there were too many ads/links that took away from the actual news. The page had a long scrolling page, but no navigation bar at the bottom of the page, which was bad navigation.
I also evaluated The criteria I used was clarity, accessibility and purpose. A great design was the navigation at the top of every page, which once you click an icon, a frame appears on the left that lists different clothing items. The page was interesting and inviting with pretty summer colors and pics of cute summer outfits.

Yes I will definately be more critical of websites in the future. This info will apply to the website I create, due to I will consider all the good and bad in my design navigation; external links make sure my website is easy to access and navigate thru and not a pain for the users.

Someof the things I learned from "whats your style" by Kim Guenther that I found important were the key to creating a website with good usability is to organize your information first!!
Also with most users barely reading word for word on the web and mostly scanning, its best to provide the most important links and info first. Therefore users dont get frustrated by having to scroll down to find info.
Well now that I got this out the way so early in the week its time to strap down for the HTML LAB. wish me luck, Im gonna need it!!!!!

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  1. The lab really wasn't that'll probably enjoy it - I know i did! See you Monday!